Himmah program

Himmah program

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Mozn supports your professional development by providing you with a 12-months of professional experience in the Himmah program that offers the tools, knowledge, and leadership skills you need to grow in data analytics and AI sector.

What is the Himmah program?


A 12-month program with an emphasis on training.


Targets top-performing graduates with a bachelor's or master's degree, or junior participants with less than 3 years of experience.


Equips participants with the resources they need to succeed in the AI sector.


Provides an opportunity for more development in Mozn.

Why Himmah

  • Our team has the best national and international talent from institutions such as MIT, Stanford, Google, Microsoft, McKinsey, BCG, and others.

  • You will be at the forefront of an exciting time for the Middle East, joining an incredibly exciting technology company in the region.

  • You will be given a lot of responsibility and trust. We believe that the best results come when the people responsible for a product are given the freedom to do what they think is best.

  • Cutting edge experience in AI.


Can anyone apply to Himmah program?

Yes, any fresh graduate with a bachelor’s or a master’s degree can apply, or anyone with less than 3 years of experience.

Is there a minimum GPA requirement?

There is no minimum GPA requirement.

Where does the Himmah program take place?

The Himmah program will take place in the HQ office in Al-Riyadh, SA.

Am I granted a full-time position after the Himmah program ends?

No, this program has no positions, but you will have a great opportunity if you have exceeded our expectations of your performance.

Is there compensation?

Yes, you will have a monthly compensation.

Who should I contact during the application process?

​If you have any questions during the application process, you can contact Mozn’s HR Department at

Can I apply for more than one track?

Currently, you’ll not be able to apply for more than one track

Can I update my resume/CV or any other information in my application once I have submitted it?

You can’t update any information or documents in your application once it’s submitted.