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The banking sector relies heavily on reducing risk and increasing revenue. To achieve such goals, banks need to pay heavy attention to data and transform their business operations accordingly. This is why over 90% of the top 50 banks are using data analytics in their business operations. Analytics helps banks detect fraud, streamline operations, and develop innovative products.

How our products help

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    Optimize operations and conserve organizational resources by simulating different scenarios based on KPIs and outcomes.

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    Detect and take action on financial fraud. Prevent fraud before it even occurs using fraud prevention.

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    Assess your organization’s data potential and start a data transformation.

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    Clip offers text analytics solutions including search, data quality, record deduplication, information extraction, and customer service.

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Mozn case study


Realizing the need to optimize the branch site decision, a bank is interested in following a Data-Driven methodology for site selection across all cities within the kingdom.


Geospatial Analytics enabled competitive insights and identification of an optimal site opening and closure locations based on performance and analytics of internal and external data such as demographics and mobility.


Comprehensive report that allows management to draw accurate and optimal site locations based on the data collected considering supply and demand for each district within every city.