Predictive analytics is becoming a necessity in the field of logistics and supply chain in order meet changes in demand and cut excessive costs. One of the major objectives in the logistics industry is to guarantee high efficiency as it is the main driver for more revenue. Optimize routing, performance management, productivity improvements and warehouse management through advanced analytics make a huge impact on the logistics business.

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    Clip offers text analytics solutions including search, data quality, record deduplication, information extraction, and customer service.

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    Geospatial analysis using mobility and demographic data. The ability to understand and
explain patterns of human behaviour and mobility patterns using geographical capabilities in integration with various datasets.

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Mozn case study


How could we tackle the problem of manual inspection clearance that is currently based on manual rules and subjected to fraud by creating an automatic workflow that manages processes fairly and alerts inspectors?


An ongoing project to develop an AI-based clearance system for food imports which includes an inspection guidance platform for food operations as well as an alert management system to notify concerned personnel about the need to inspect a certain shipment due to a risk or randomized factors.


On different levels Mozn have developed a rigorous understanding of imports and exports data as well as the team built a profiler for inspectors which hence helped in shaping a new business model within the inspection field with higher accuracy rate, lower risk and higher efficiency rate.