The retail industry is mainly interested in attracting clients by meeting their needs and providing the most convenient experience. Applying advanced analytics in areas such as customer behavior, site selection and optimization, social media analysis, pricing optimization have proven to leave tremendous effect in the retail industry.

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    Geospatial analysis using mobility and demographic data. The ability to understand and
explain patterns of human behaviour and mobility patterns using geographical capabilities in integration with various datasets.

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Mozn case study


Realizing the need to optimize the branch site decision, a bank is interested in following a Data-Driven methodology for site selection across all cities within the kingdom.


Geospatial Analytics enabled competitive insights and identification of an optimal site opening and closure locations based on performance and analytics of internal and external data such as demographics and mobility.


Comprehensive report that allows management to draw accurate and optimal site locations based on the data collected considering supply and demand for each district within every city.