Data quality

Data quality management is a set of practices that aim at maintaining a high quality of information. It goes all the way from the acquisition of data and the implementation of advanced data processes, to an effective distribution of data. This process includes assessing, recommending and implementing future enhancements to elevate the quality of data an organization holds.

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    Understand your business objectives, assess your data’s quality, analyze your data, and identify areas of impact utilizing your data, giving you a clear roadmap of how you can make your organization a data-driven one.

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    Clip offers text analytics solutions including search, data quality, record deduplication, information extraction, and customer service.

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Mozn case study


A client is interested in exploring different data science opportunities that could lead to creating new revenue streams and increasing the efficiency of their work but unsure where to start from.


Performed a data potential assessment to understand the potential of the massive data they own and the quality of the available data, followed by a data cleansing. This project also included a development of 20 use cases, prioritizing them and prototyping the one with the highest potential to verify the feasibility of a data solution.


Unleash the real potential behind the data owned by providing data-oriented recommendations and suggesting feasible use cases with high impact on the business of this company.