Delivering Impact Through Data


Our Expertise

Data Infrastructure

Whether small or big, batch or streaming, we have experience across a wide array of technologies to build functional & robust data systems. We integrate as seamlessly as possible with existing systems, and try to minimize the necessary investment in new infrastructure.

Process Engineering & Data Analytics

Data is generated by processes, and improving those processes is key to delivering impact. Our multi-disciplinary team is adept at finding and implementing opportunities to improve your outcomes by using advanced quantitative methods.

Data Monetization

You have a lot of data? It can be a gold mine, and we can help you build products that provide distinctive impact to your clients and grow your business or organization in a new vertical.

Visualization & Analytical Delivery

Last-mile delivery is critical to many industries, and ours is no exception. We ensure that the insights we generate are supported by intuitive and actionable front-end interfaces.


What We've Built

Public Policy Analysis

In a time of rapid social development, data driven policy analysis grants clients the confidence necessary to move fast. Integrating data from highly varied sources into a user-friendly platform gives decision makers the freedom to explore their most complicated ‘What if?’s.

Fraud & Anomaly Detection

When detecting fraud, important patterns can hide in large amounts of data across long time periods, and often require a combination of data from different functions throughout the business. Machine learning methods shine in this context, where the data is too large and diverse to be inspected manually.

Intelligent Tools

We practice what we preach and build internal products that make our own work more efficient. We apply the same mindset to our clients’ businesses, and identify processes that could benefit from intelligent automation tools.

What We Offer


Data Potential Assessment (DPA)

A brief engagement during which our data scientists integrate with your business and technology teams to identify the potential impact and feasibility for data-driven opportunities within your organization.


Custom Solutions

We love interesting problems. Reach out if you have a challenge to discuss, an idea for a product, or an opportunity to explore.